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    Building Winning Practices: Through Relationships and Networking

    • by secure_financial
    • Posted on 07 February, 2024

    On the inaugural episode of our new podcast, Building Winning Practices, Bryan Spencer sits down with special guests Mark “MJ” Josefczyk from RIA Golf Outing and Randall Joseph from Secure Financial Group and Secure Asset Management’s Chief Compliance Officer. They discuss the importance of relationships, networking, and community in building successful financial advisor practices.

    Preview Clip: Building Winning Practices Through Relationships and Networking

    The financial services industry thrives on connections, both with clients and with fellow professionals. This episode, featuring Mark and Randy, offers a wealth of insights for anyone on their financial journey, regardless of their level.

    Here are the key takeaways

    1. Relationships are the Key: Forget the lone wolf advisor mantality, building strong relationships with other professionals is crucial in this business. Mark’s golf outings and networking events are testaments to this philosophy.

    2. Network with Authenticity: Not all networking feels forced and transactional. Randy’s story about a fruitful collaboration sparked at a golf outing exemplifies the power of genuine connections. Mark even mentioned a unique “cigar” moment with Charles Schwab, highlighting the impact of personal touches.

    3. Consistency is King: Building a successful practice is a marathon, not a sprint. Attending events, nurturing connections, and continuously refining your approach are far more valuable than fleeting tactics.

    4. Pass the Torch: Experienced advisors have a responsibility to mentor and provide opportunities for the next generation. Encouraging and supporting young professionals in the industry is important to keep the business thriving into the future.

    5. It’s More Than a Name: While branding and reputation are crucial, true success hinges on delivering exceptional service. Having the right team and resources behind you is just as important as having a strong name on the door.

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