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    Based in Troy, Michigan, Aurora Securities Inc. is a comprehensive broker/dealer and financial services company. With consistent growth, Aurora Securities upholds a classic open architecture approach.

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    Secure Asset Management

    Secure Asset Management offers an array of money management strategies that when blended address the unique risk risk/return needs of our clients ...

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    Secure Investors

    Secure Investors is a financial services and insurance firm that is committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals for the benefit of themselves, their families and their businesses ...

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    Secure Agency

    Secure Agency specializes in personal and commercial lines of insurance. Offering superior service and extremely competitive rates for your personal and commercial insurance needs ...

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    Secure Tax

    Secure Tax Is a tax planning, preparation and filing firm that serves individuals and business. We offer a 360 degree approach to tax services ...

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    Grow with SFG

    Secure Financial Group is committed to assisting independent financial professionals with all of their business needs to grow their practice ...

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    Mission Statement

    Secure Financial Group's mission is to help create and maintain wealth for our clients through long-term, effective, financial management. We take pride in our client relationships based on trust, competent professional service, continual communication, and prompt personal service.

    Financial Portfolio

    Our robust platform of insurance and financial products and services includes home and auto insurance, life and health insurance, investment advisory services, asset management, tax filing and preparation, estate planning and mortgages.

    Our Featured Service

    Up to 85 percent of your SOCIAL SECURITY check can be taxed. Let Secure Investors Group provide strategies to reduce or eliminate the amount of taxes being paid on your Social Security.

    Secure Financial Group

    Founded in 1998, Secure Financial Group helps you protect your assets from risk. We offer you a wide range of risk-management strategies and provide a diverse offering of insurance products.

    Secure Financial Group