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    Blueprint to Breakthrough: Grow Your Advisory Business

    Episode 2

    Description: A clear plan focusing on clients with the right team is the blueprint Advisors need to grow their business. Learn more with Bryan Spencer and his guests Brian Dudley (Senior VP of Business Development at Secure Financial Group) and Randall Joseph (Secure Financial Group and Secure Asset Management’s Chief Compliance Office).

    Key takeaways:

    1. Blueprint for success: A clear understanding of their ideal client, a marketing strategy, and a team of experts to support them in areas like compliance and money management.
    2. Time is money: Outsourcing tasks like marketing and compliance can free up time for advisors to focus on their core competencies and build relationships with clients.
    3. Independent evolution: Some advisors are finding that they miss the team support and resources available at large

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    Building Winning Practices

    Join us on our industry-defining podcast, where we bring you the cutting-edge insights and expert strategies you need to dominate the game. Never miss an update and watch exclusive content on our YouTube page.

    Building Winning Practices

    "The people that you meet, the people that you hang out with are the most important part of who you are. Not only in your personal life, your faith, but also your business life."

    Mark Josefczyk

    RIA Golf Outing

    "To go it alone in this business today is difficult. It's a moving target. I feel like it changes almost daily. And, so to stay in front of that make sure you’ve got a team to rely on and use as a resource and that's really what we do."

    Randall Joseph

    Secure Financial Group and Secure Asset Management's Chief Compliance Officer

    "One of the things that is unique is being able to understand that when other people are better, it makes us all better."

    Bryan Spencer

    Founder of Secure Financial Group