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    Aurora Securities

    Based in Troy, Michigan, Aurora Securities Inc. is a comprehensive broker/dealer and financial services company. With consistent growth, Aurora Securities upholds a classic open architecture approach. The company is registered with U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and holds membership with FINRA and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.

    Aurora Securities Inc. utilizes National Financial Services LLC for trade clearing, ensuring that our Registered Representatives have access to ‘state-of-the-art ‘products and cutting-edge technology. Moreover, Aurora Securities Inc. offers a diverse range of investment options, including Investment Companies, Variable Annuities, Variable Universal Life, 529 Plans and Alternative Investment products.

    At Aurora Securities, Inc., we prioritize the autonomy and options available to financial professionals when it comes to achieving growth, independence, and leveraging technology. Our focus is to align with the cultural values of our representatives and provide support throughout their journey. We aim to equip you with the necessary tools to enhance your practices and minimize time spent on administrative duties. Additionally, you will have access to a wide-ranging portfolio of financial products and services. We pride ourselves on the absence of proprietary constraints, allowing you the freedom to explore and recommend solutions that meet your client’s investment objectives.

    Forms and Disclosures

    Aurora Securities, Inc. is an independent broker-dealer, an affiliate of Secure Asset Management, LLC., a registered investment adviser firm. Both entities are designed for entrepreneurial-minded financial services professionals. The spirit of our approach is to provide our clients with a tailored investment approach based on each client’s unique financial objectives. Securities are offered through Aurora Securities, Member FINRA/SIPC. The Aurora Securities team is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. View our Terms of Use.