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    Seven ways to get referrals without it being awkward

    • by secure_financial
    • Posted on 04 October, 2019

    By Hollie Spencer

    Asking for referrals is essential to bringing in new clients. I get it, it’s much easier to do business with people you know or if people are recommended to you rather than strangers.  I think everyone will agree, nothing is more valuable than a ringing endorsement from a previous client, a friend or even a family member.  Yet, asking for referrals can feel awkward and you don’t want to come off desperate or pushy.

    Endorsements from previous clients are like a five-star review and these are most likely quality customers you’re bringing into your practice because the client is already enthusiastic about your services and what you have to offer.  Not to mention, this new customer already trusts you and your company thanks to the referrer.

    Asking for referrals is quite a bit like asking for a review from a client. You need to just come out and ask for it and I have some recommendations for making it part of your business routine.  Making it part of your routine is easy by starting to do the following:

    • When you have the initial conversation with a potential new client, ask them to agree to a simple agreement. If you do a great job for them, they will tell others about you and your services. You can also include this communication as a reminder in your daily email signature.
    • Focus on your best clients – these are clients you have established a good relationship with. Most importantly, when you do receive a referral from a client make sure that you recognize your referral sources with a phone call or a handwritten note or holiday card.  Maybe even drop in a $15 coffee gift card.
    • Practice makes perfect, the more you ask for referrals the easier it gets.  Set personal goals for yourself such as you’ll get 5-10 referrals this month.
    • When requesting a referral from a client make sure that you are specific in what type of referral you are seeking, such as individuals with high net worth or young individuals who have recently married or started a family for life insurance, etc.  Let your client know who your target audience is.
    • Integrate your requests for referrals with other marketing strategies, such as using contact forms and calls to action to generate leads.  Make it easy to contact your business and educate your website visitors about all your offerings. Get registered on free business listing sites like Yelp, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Business.
    • Use Google to optimize your business profile and provide the information your potential customers may be seeking.

    • Try to make the most out of every networking opportunity whether it is one of your seminars, events or a local business fair.  Set goals to reach out to at least 5 new clients to set appointments.

    Make sure that individuals who refer to you always feel appreciated, when people feel appreciated, they will always do more than what is expected.  Showing your appreciation will always be worth the effort!

    Also, when appropriate reciprocate to your clients as well. While it’s great to get referrals to make note of clients who have services and refer customers to them!  It’s good business karma!

    Contributor: Hollie Spencer, Chief Development Officer at Secure Financial Group, is an entrepreneur, and an all-around good human. She has made it her life’s work to champion a human-centered approach to business – which led her to start Secure Financial Group Partners. Hollie recognizes that everything we do and sell starts and ends with people.


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