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    Secure Tax

    Secure Tax is an independent, privately owned tax planning, preparation, and filing firm that serves both individuals and businesses. We offer a 360-degree approach to tax services. Our team of CPAs and tax professionals maintain strict professional standards and are experienced in all matters of accounting and taxation.


    Through our affiliated organizations, we offer a diverse array of financial planning services to individuals in Michigan and surrounding states. Our diverse portfolio of financial products and services include insurance, investment, mortgage, and tax services.

      We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive financial planning services through our family of companies, These include:
    • Secure Investors Group, Inc.
    • Secure Asset Management, L.L.C.
    • Secure Mortgage Funding, L.L.C.
    • Secure Agency
    • Secure Tax


    At Secure Tax, we utilize our exclusive team of CPAs and tax professionals to provide tax planning, preparation and tax filing services. You will receive proactive advice on tax reduction strategies based on income, expenses, individual needs, and goals. Proactive tax planning allows you to minimize tax burdens and build a solid foundation of tax reduction strategies that can result in years of tax savings.

    Throughout the year, we will monitor tax law changes, recommend tax savings strategies and serve as your advocate in tax matters. Our clients’ tax returns are prepared so that they only pay what they are required to pay and not a penny more.

    Secure Tax works hand-in-hand with the entire team of the financial services professionals at Secure Investors Group. This helps to ensure that you will understand the tax implications of the financial products you own or are considering purchasing and know which financial products have tax-advantaged features or benefits.

    Based on this strategic partnership, we will implement a sound, well-thought-out financial strategy to minimize year-to-year tax liabilities.

    Feel free to call us at 248-435-0400 and request to speak a team member of Secure Tax